Last Modified: 13-Jul-2007

>> Tribute to Ali Khalid Ben M'Barek (Ali Ouanou) 1915-1996

Do you know this man?

This man is Ali Ouanou (Ali Khalid Ben M'Barek). He was born in 1915 at Imajad village (Morocco). He was in the Army when he was young and did the second world war. He left the army and started his own work as craftsman. Ali supervised the works to construct the road to Anergui.

Our association and the people from Anergui would like to pay homage to Ali for what he did as hard work to construct the Anergui road. Thanks again Ali.

(see: the history of the impossible road to Anergui - link)

(PS: "Merci" to Houcine Khalid for the pictures)

>> Many thanks to:

  • Madani Ibourki for the road movies
  • Lahcen Ibourki for the information about Ali Ouanou...
  • Mohamed Barja for some old pictures
  • Houcine Kahlid for the picture of his grandfather Ali Ouanou
  • Peter Deckers for his help and valuable advices about this website