Last Modified: 13-Jul-2007


The Towers of Anergui

The Towers of Anergui is an artistic project that aims to celebrate the gathering of the people of Anergui via the road. These multifunctional towers, light towers, rain catchers, and rest and shade providers will guard the vital road and will provide a beacon for travellers. They will feature as a landmark and as fire towers they will illuminate the road during village celebrations. They will guide musicians and artists to the village festivities and will be an point of attraction in the area.

This project is currently in the phase of design. Funding is being sought, a visit to the local community by participating artists is planned in spring 2006. Designs are being made, considered and evaluated.

Participating artists are Anne-Mie Melis (Antwerp), Freddy de Vierman (Antwerp-Sydney), Peter Hulsmans (Antwerp) and Walter Dewitte (Antwerp). Abdelkrim Azmi from Anergui provides the public relations and coordinates this project.