Last Modified: 21-Dec-2011

>> Summer 2011: Movie Ball-trap "tir aux pigeons d'argile" (link to the webe page)

>> April 2008 at Anergui village: We had very good weather and we went for hiking to Iferd (link)

>> Anergui village is now in Google Earth (New)

>> Summer 2007 at Anergui village: Sorry for the dealy, I didn't had time to put this event on our website. Now, it's done. Enjoy the pictures (link).

>> December 2006 at Anergui village: Aide El kebir mobarak said and Happy New Year 2007 (link)

>> Summer 2006 at Anergui village: Everyone is waiting for these pictures and videos. Here you are, enjoy it (link)

>> Project: Village and youth development: Lately (August, 2006) we applied for a project organized by"CGEM" and "La Banque Mondiale" about: "Innovation et proximité sociale - jeunes et développement" (Innovation and social proximity - the youth and development). We named our project: Village and youth development. (link)

>> Forum (en Français): There is new menu, forum, added to this website. Feel free to discuss and add new topics. Don't forget to register. (link)

>> Bio-Resource:

Topic: The wild boar, is it major problem for the population? "Le sanglier grand problème pour la population rurale" written by Abdellah Jabbari (Aabe)

>> Spring 2006 at Anergui village:

>>> Walter Dewitte did a good deed to the village of Anergui by cutting some dead trees with his chainsaw. It will be used for firewood. (link)

>>> Climbing at Anergui village: (link)

>>> Colored Spring: (link)

>>>The summit of The Anti-Atlas Mountains: Afa-N-Timzgadiwine (link)

>> Project of Carob trees:

A new project was accepted and accomplished right now by our association (April 14 th 2006): plantation of 1500 carob trees. The carob trees were provided by the governor of Tiznit and his team. We would like to thank the contributors of this environmental project for reforestation of Anergui surrounding. In few years, we will be able to harvest the carob and make a sale of these fruit. The money provided by the sale of the carob will pay the current expense of our association. This is a good example for a project that allowed to combing the environmental and the economical sides. (link to the information about the carob tree)

>> Happy new year and best wishes 2006:

During december, the village was quiet and very relaxing. It was raining and snowing, "it will be good year" that's what said the old people from the village (link to pictures and movie)

>> Aid el fitre at Anergui (december 2005):

It was lovely day (sunny day with bleu sky) and football field was used for the "al aid" prey (link to pictures and movie)

>> Tiznit governor coming at Anergui (december 2005):

The Anergui association will receive from the government a fund to finish the non-sealed road. The officials, including the governor of Tiznit M. Bouchaab Souilem, were invited to our village to discuss and to achieve this project. Thanks to them and to all peoples (men and women) for their participation in this project. (link to pictures and movies)