Last Modified: 28-Mar-2011


>> Summer 2007 at Anergui village

>>El maarouf:

We had again very good time. All the people from the village had to meet at Tizi around 9h A.M. it's a time where people will meet each other, before going to the place where the sacrifice of the bull will be done.


>>Art: Painting

We had not that many children, but it was enough to organize painting session. They used their own imagination to paint. Here are the painting results.

First of all, I would like to introduce to you the artists:


Here are the results, beautiful painting: we decided that all the paintings are fine and all the children got the first price. BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO


>>Climbing at Anergui :

We finally realize our climbing project. But, only a part of it, we had many troubles with a driller (soon the story in this webpage). We only did few climbing routs in only 1 crag. It was done by experienced Spanish climbers Joan Vidal and Marti Jubany Mari.

Here is some pictures of Joan and Marti working in the climbing site: Azro_N_Tafowart


Here is the topo of Azro_N_Tafowart: picture

>>Afa N Timzgadiwine:

It's our favorite walk, the summit of the Anti-Atlas (Afa-n-Timzgadiwine, 2374 m). We were about 25 peoples. For some of them it was very hard to get to the summit.


>> Visitors from Aguersif:

This trip was organized by Ali Gasi and Alami from Aguersif. People from Aguersif want to see Anergui and discuss with our association about future projects. Here are some pictures from their visit.