Last Modified: 08-Jun-2009


>> Spring 2006 at Anergui village (New)

> Wood Cutting:

For years, the Anirgui village did not have enough rain. That's way we have many dead trees, specially the almond tree. Walter Dewitte did a good deed to the village of Anergui by cutting some dead trees with his chainsaw that we can use for firewood. The people from Anergui village gave another name to Walter, Ahmed Aromi (Roman). It was very friendly atmosphere between him and the people from the village. During his stay, Ahmed Aromi was invited several times for "el maarouf", it's kind of festive meal. I hope that Walter enjoy it. Thanks again Walter.

Wood Cutting


> Climbing at Anergui Village:

During our stay in the village we met 2 climbers from UK , Bryn Roberts and Nick Steen. They want to climb the Aza Rock (Jebel El kest) with help of the climbing guide book: Climbing in the Moroccan Anti-atlas, written by Claude Davies (ISBN 1-85284-412-4). After he retired, Claude Davies made several trips to the Anti-Atlas Mountains and made this guide book with help of several climbers (Joe Brown, Les Brown, Trevor Jones, Pete Turnbull, Derek Walker.). Bryn Roberts and Nick Steen chose to climb A10 (route name: Finale Demand, length of 250 m, grade 4C). Enjoy the view!!!!


> Colored Spring:

We were surprised to find different flowers and colors at that time of our visit, April 15th. We enjoyed it very much. See by your self, here are the pictures:

> Afa = Summit:

Our favorite walk in Anergui is to go the summit of the Anti-Atlas (Afa-n-Timzgadiwine, 2374 m). On the top of the summit their was a Saint "Sidi Brahim O Ali", some people said that he is buried on this top.