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>> Summer 2006, at Anergui village (New)

>>> El maarouf:

I would like to explain it for the people that they wouldn't know what it is and what's the meaning of it:

It's difficult to make a direct translation, actually it doesn't excite. This word of El maarouf contains a lot of meaning: meeting, socializing, celebration, donation, feeding and sacrifice. Maybe there are other words that I haven't added to the meaning of El maarouf.

How it is organized at our village? First of all we meet at Tizi, it's in between the two part of the village (Ait sguaine and el moudaa). All the people of Anergui and invited or non invited people (everyone is welcome to El maarouf) should meet at Tizi the rendezvous point. The person who is organizing el maarouf brings the bull for the sacrifice and everyone is heading toward another rendezvous point. When the sacrifice of the bull started, people make some priers under the control of the imam of our mosque. Everyone is invited to give some donation to our Association (if he can afford it of course).

El maarouf

In the evening we have a big diner and party of course (Berber singing and dancing). This party will be our Music Festival At Anergui (this is included in our project named: Art At Anergui). The berber dancing and singing we call it Ahwach. Enjoy the videos bellow the pictures, but don't forget in between the fireworks video at Anergui.

Ahouach El maarouf


Videos: track1 <> track2 <> track3 <> track4 <> track5

>>> Art At Anergui: Painting

This is my favourite event. In my surprise there were many children interested in painting (it's a good surprise, I liked very much). We prepared the wall of the football field by painting it on white and we added black frames, the paints (black, brown for the first set of painting and Bleu red, green for the second set of painting) and paintbrushes. The result is amazing.

Children Painting

The first price went to Hasna. The best of the best, I just have to give her the paints and the paintbrushes and she started immediately without any advices or suggestions like the other children did.

2006 Painting award ceremony

The evening of the painting award ceremony was magical night. Everyone was happy to be there and appreciated this moment.

First Price: Hasna

Second Price: Hanane

Third Price: Khalid
Fourth Price: Karima and Samia

>>> Football tournament

This year we were better organized than the other years for the football tournament. We made this football tournament for children on 3 days.

football tournament

The award football ceremony was done in very nice atmosphere. We had first, second, third and fourth price.

>>> Wedding Party at Anergui

Said Ibourki, promised to make his wedding at Anergui, and yes, he could make it. Many young peoples want to do it in the big city like Casablanca but he likes his village and the wedding was done on two days. It was cold that nights, hopefully we had the Berber band to warm up the atmosphere.


>>> Peaceful Place:

This place is near our house, we tried very hard to fix it and now it's finished. Everyone wants to sit there. We have to give it a name: what's about peaceful place

>>> Road reparation:

This summer we had to fix a part of the road destroyed by the rain. Many children want to participate in this work. They got advices from old men of the village (Haj Mansour: the man who was in charge of the construction of this road since 1975; Haj Abdellah for his knowledge for fixing everything) and everyone was doing his part of the job. Well done, I congratulate you.


>>> The Anti-Atlas summit: Afa_n_timzagdiwine

Again? Yes, it's our favorite sport to go to this summit. It's about 3 hours hiking. It's hard to get there, but we like it and we don't know why. Maybe it's kind of challenge for some people that they want absolutely to get to the Afa_n_timzgadiwine summit.