Last Modified: 13-Jul-2007


>> Summer 2006, at Anergui village (New)

>>> Art At Anergui: Painting

This is my favourite event. In my surprise there were many children interested in painting (it's a good surprise, I liked very much). We prepared the wall of the football field by painting it on white and we added black frames, the paints (black, brown for the first set of painting and Bleu red, green for the second set of painting) and paintbrushes. The result is amazing.

Children Painting


The first price went to Hasna. The best of the best, I just have to give her the paints and the paintbrushes and she started immediately without any advices or suggestions like the other children did.

2006 Painting award ceremony

The evening of the painting award ceremony was magical night. Everyone was happy to be there and appreciated this moment.

First Price: Hasna

Second Price: Hanane

Third Price: Khalid
Fourth Price: Karima and Samia