Last Modified: 13-Jul-2007


  • Environmental project: Carob trees

Plantation of 1500 carob trees. The carob trees were provided by the governor of Tiznit and his team. It's in our goal to plan this type of environmental project for reforestation of Anergui surrounding. if we could achieve this project, in few years we will be able to harvest the carob and make a sale of these fruit. The money provided by the sale of the carob will pay the current expense of our association. This is a good example for a project that allowed to combing the environmental and the economical sides. (Click to see informatin about the carob tree)

  • Anergui road:

Our biggest project is the construction of the road to reach Anergui village. This project started in 1974 and still not yet finished (read about it below in: history of the impossible road to Anergui (link)

  • Electricity:

In 2002, we succeeded to get the electricity in our village due to rural electrification program that is being implemented by the government and it is expected that by 2008, 80% of the Moroccan villages will have electricity.

  • Drinkable water:

Improved access to clean drinking water is one of the major challenge for the Anergui peoples. At the present (Summer 2006), we achieved the drinkable water project. Anergui people got access to drinking water inside theire houses.

  • The youth of the Anergui village, what we can do for them?

    • Sport field (we started this project two years ago, and now it's almost finished)

    • Park with playthings (It's planned but not yet done)

    • Multimedia library and Astron observatory (it's a dream!)

    • Hiking, hill-walking, climbing and mountaineering
    • Lately (August, 2006) we applied for a project organized by"CGEM" and "La Banque Mondiale" about: "Innovation et proximité sociale - jeunes et développement" (Innovation and social proximity - the youth and development). We named our project: Village and youth development. (link)
  • Art At Anergui:

We would like to put all our effort and energy to accomplish this big project of Art.

  • History of the impossible road to Anergui (link)